Offical Day 2, we are thrilled by the tmeet love

Its Monday and everyone got to work and guess what we saw? A surge of new users sending out tmeet from

Today we have traveled the world with tmeets from Netherlands, from London, Bristol, Manchester, Canary Wharf in UK, Amsterdam, India, woerden,utrecht, Amersfoort, the netherlands, UP Diliman, New Zealand


People are using it to say where they are, announce events and parties. One interesting use case was to share that there was no line (or queue for those of you reading from outside US) in the local DMV office which helped anothr friend plan his trip.

We want to hear more of your use cases. Ping us @tmeet or simply tmeet.

Sharing the Blog Post Love

@timburks set the stage with a post as we launched saying tmeet me
We got two blog posts about tmeet today
Everythingtwitter asks where-do-you-want-tmeet-me asks Where do you want tmeet

ok Good Nite folks, or good moring to rest of you


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